1955 Gibson Les Paul Special

TV Finish

Special-a.jpg (14661 bytes) Similarly to the 1958 Les Paul Junior that I have, this guitar belongs to the category "wrecks that needed a home". I got this Special at a guitar show, where it was displayed in a very bad state: it had been through a shattered headstock accident, but expertly put back together. The tuners were Grover replacements. The body finish shows signs of severe abuse, and the original TV finish has faded to the darkest hue I have ever seen a TV finish fade to. A Badass bridge had been installed, and wait for it... it has three filled holes on the top of the body where a Maestro Vibrola had originally been installed. The pickguard has warped in time, and all pots had been replaced with later DiMarzio pots. Other than that, the guitar was in its original state, including two screaming P-90 pickups. 

This is a project that I am working on. I want to restore this guitar to its original condition to the best of my abilities, including some touch-ups to the finish, especially the back of the neck. To start out, I replaced the Grover tuners with an original set of Kluson Deluxe's of that period.

This is an incredible player's guitar, in fact, it is the one I most frequently use when just jammin' away at home. Using it with a little 15-watt practice amp, plugged through an MXR Distortion+, gives me a great singing and sustaining sound.

Special-b.jpg (15166 bytes) Special-c.jpg (12453 bytes) Special-d.jpg (14708 bytes)    
Back of shattered headstock, serial number 511659 intact Back of mahogany body with some belt buckle wear Front of headstock; the Les Paul logo has rubbed off, but some is still visible.