Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop

goldtp69.gif (15975 bytes) This is one of the guitars that definitely needed to be rescued and given a home. I bought it in 1982 from a dealer in Germany.

Late 60's Les Paul Goldtops share many similarities to 1956 Goldtops: one-piece bodies, some have one-piece necks (mine is a 3-piece laminate), the dish carved maple top. Legend has it that very early '68 Goldtops were made from leftover bodies that had been lying around the Gibson plant ever since the classic Les Paul was discontinued in 1960 and revived in 1968.

It is impossible from the serial number to date this guitar, so I had to go by the features and the codes on the pots, and I came up with an early 1969 date. Sadly I purchased this guitar with some major modifications to its original state: someone had attempted to shave off strips off the headstock to make it look like a '50's headstock. The original P-90's are missing and probably the same former owner routed humbucking cavities into the body. Other than that this is a fine player's guitar, very light in weight, as this seems to be a concern to many collectors.

So, while this is not exactly a collectible guitar, with all of its additions and modifications, it is certainly a nice instrument to play and take on the road with you, as it is easily mistaken for a much more valuable 1957 with PAF humbuckers.