Gibson 1955 Les Paul Junior

junior.gif (24919 bytes) Once again, out of the chapter "fallen babes that needed a home". I picked this up from Gil Southworth for about 500 bucks. It had two humbuckers (yuck!) installed, with a second cavity routed into the body near the neck, and wider routing at the bridge. A mini-toggle switch had been installed between the two pots, and the tuners had been replaced. Some of the dot inlays obviously are replacements.

I tried my best to do some restoration, I cut a new pickguard that covers the second and totally unnecessary cavity. I installed a set of after-market tuners, and hope to find a set of original tuners one of these days at some guitar show. I also plugged the hole left by the toggle switch and installed a new P-100 pickup, to give it the original look, less the hum. Sadly, the headstock veneer seems to have been re-done, although there are no visible cracks to the back of it. The new headstock veneer lacks the Les Paul signature logo.

In its present condition, this guitar is a screamer! It is very lightweight, and with the help of my good friend Doug Van Blaricom, who installed a new tone potentiometer and capacitor for me, this guitar offers a tremendous variety of tone, considering it is back to single-pickup setup. The neck of this guitar is of the wide variety, usual for this type of guitar, and it is incredibly easy to play; the wide and fat replacement frets add to that great feel.

All in all, not a collectors item, because it's been through so much, but a well experienced "player", that will knock those blues right out of you.