Gibson Korina SG

oops, I thought I had posted that picture of the Korina SG. Please call back soon, and hopefully I will have corrected this.... I have owned two SG's in my time. Not that I am a particular fan of Angus Young. Or any other SG player for that matter. My first SG was a cherry SG Standard. What I like about SG's is how easily accessible the very high frets are. The necks sticks out so much from the body that it is very accessible.

This particular SG I bought because of its Korina body - what else. The truss rod cover says that this is a limited run of 200, but Walter Carter informed me that they got to about 170 or so before they ran out of Korina wood, which is practically unobtainable nowadays (so, how does Hamer still produce one-piece Explorers, I wonder). The SG Korina body has been spliced into 4 parts, but the neck is a very nice, one piece job. The Korina they use is the lightest color Korina, practically white, I have ever seen. I suppose that I am used to seeing Korina und a translucent finish that might have aged, so for that matter, Korinas might all have started out being that color.