Gibson Les Paul Signature

sig.gif (22426 bytes) Yet another low-impedance guitar! And can you believe how these semi-acoustic Les Pauls (the idea of hollow Les Paul-bodies was picked up about two decades later by Mike McGuire of the Gibson Custom Shop, when he designed the Les Paul Bantam, later to be re-dubbed Florentine) have increased in value during the last couple of months. There are two reasons for this:
1 - the guitar player with the Wallflowers plays one;
2 - word has gotten out that I sold mine to Mike Lawson! (just kidding!). But dude, you got a good deal on mine. Should've charged you more... ;-)

The LP Signature was mainly produced in Goldtop finish, some were tobacco sunburst. And they belong to the short-lived family of low-impedance LP's. Here's a complete list of lo-Z models:
Les Paul Personal
Les Paul Professional
Les Paul Recording
Les Paul Signature
Les Paul Jumbo (single-cutaway Jumbo acoustic)

Note how the upper bout of the body more resembles an ES 335, f-hole and all, and the lower bout is more like a Les Paul Standard. The guitar has two output jacks: one for the lo-Z signal, and one for regular amp calibration. Unlike the ES-335, this semi-acoustic design has no center sustain-block.