Gibson Les Paul Spotlight Special

Antique Natural

spot-nat.gif (20023 bytes) In 1983, the Gibson Custom Shop made a limited run of Les Paul guitars with unique tops: not only did the maple caps feature some of the finest quilted figuring, but they ran a strip of walnut right through the center seam of the top. Why? Nobody really knows. Walter Carter told me they had some walnut left-overs they wanted to use, but hey, what's so valuable about scrap walnut wood? I think this walnut strip is there purely for cosmetic reasons. Remember when neck-thru-body design were really popular? I believe this cosmetic effect is to emulate that design. Indeed, a lot of people who saw my Spotlight Specials thought the darker wood extending from the neck was actually an extension of the mahogany neck. But it isn't: the Spotlight Special has the traditional glued-in neck design, in the Les Paul tradition.

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