Gibson Les Paul Spotlight Special

Tobacco Sunburst

spot-sb.gif (17884 bytes) This 1983 Spotlight Special is a very unique instrument. It has the centered walnut strip that is typical for the Spotlight and clearly identifies it as such. It also has the Custom Shop decal and the dual serial number on the back of the headstock, and the gold-plated hardware.

Unlike my other Spotlight Special, though, it does not have some of the other Spotlight applications, e.g. the multi-layered binding around the body and the neck, or the fancier tuners. The truss rod cover says "Standard", and indeed the neck and headstock features are those of a LP Standard. This type of tobacco sunburst is unlike any other I have seen on a Spotlight. There is hardly any yellow color in the middle, so it might be more of a tobacco finish than tobacco sunburst.

Like most Spotlights, this one shows the most beautiful quilt on the maple top.