Gibson Les Paul "Guitar Trader"


trader.gif (29502 bytes) This is my1983 Guitar Trader Standard. Notice the great tiger-striped maple top.

In the early 1980's the Gibson company finally realized that the guitars they were producing were nowhere near the quality of of workmanship displayed in the 1950's, under Ted McCarty's leadership.

The 1980 Les Paul Heritage and Heritage Elite was an attempt to re-create the quality of the '59 Sunburst. But again Gibson got many details wrong. It took guitar collectors and dealers like Jimmy Wallace to give Gibson the exact specs, to replicate the original guitars. Guitar Trader was a store in New Jersey that placed a custom order for the most authentic Les Paul sunbursts of their time: "correct" dish shape, narrow headstock, and beautifully flamed tops on one-piece mahogany bodies.

This example that I own has one of the most flamed tops I have seen on any guitar. Its finish artificially re-creates the faded "Un-burst" of the originals, and the binding has been colored to a faded butterscotch. And boy, does she sing...