Our Home In California
Exterior Shots
Side View

Back Yard
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Orange Tree

Front Yard

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Sun Room

We moved into our Dream Home in November 2001, after a six-month period of house-hunting. The problem was that Cheryl and I had very different expectations when it came to our Dream Home: I wanted an up-to-date, high-tech house with Ethernet cabling, and Cheryl wanted to be surrounded by nature and tranquility.

Our home was built in 1972, and it is located in a neighborhood that has had 30 years of natural growth and organic development. On the other hand, it's not a fixer-upper, so we don't have to worry about any major repairs.

We have four bedrooms, a kitchen, a family room, and what we call the "Sun Room". This is a big, high-ceilinged room with lots of glass areas to let the sunlight stream in. Our Master Bedroom is currently shared with Forrest, whose crate is next to our bed. The Guest Bedroom is reserved for when Mom comes to visit. Cheryl's study serves for meditation, yoga, work, and her drawing. My office is where our DSL line comes in, and where I spend my time when I work from home. We have a two-car garage and two bathrooms.

The best thing about the property is that it is totally engulfed by natural growth. From most of our back yard, you can't even tell that there are other dwellings in the neighborhood. This is a rare occasion in Northern California, since most of the new developments are built with razor-thin spaces between the houses, and you literally get a view of your neighbor's walls when you peek out the window.

We have the nicest neighbors, too. They take care of our pets when we're gone, they have a full set of any kind of tools you would ever need around a house, and Rod drives exactly the same model, year and color BMW that I have. Since he is a car buff, I have an expert mechanic next door!



View from the Back Yard
To the right, the two sliding doors lead to the Sun Room,
left of the orange tree is the master bathroom,
on the far left is the sliding door to the master bedroom

Zen Fountain
located in our entrance area

path leading from our kitchen patio to the back yard
All neighboring houses are well hidden by thick trees and foliage -
it's a  feeling like your secluded from the rest of the world...